Parking Lot Boondocking

As odd as it sounds, living in a casino parking lot for a week is a nice change of pace from living out in the wild.  Positives include we are close to the city, so plenty to do.  The hotel has a Starbucks which is always a bonus.  Also, huge clean bathrooms.  But the single most awesome aspect of the parking lot.......the people you meet.

Our new German neighbors

Our new German neighbors

Our Neighbors

The first couple we met also had a Northern Lite camper.  They were from Canada and had just returned from Mexico.  Not only did they visit Baja, but they drove all over the country, including Cancun, and loved it!  They gave us some great advice on loading and unloading the camper and shared many travel tips.

The next couple we met were our neighbors.  Two serious travelers from the Netherlands.   They shipped their German made class A to Halifax, and have been driving all over the U.S.  They store a sweet Honda 1000cc bike in their garage below the bedroom.   We will miss them when we move on.

Finally the Germans.  They rolled in a few days ago and were also traveling with their German made class A all over the U.S.  They loved the Baja so much they bought a Grand Cherokee and a travel trailer in Mexcio and have it stored there for when they come back.

Happy Hour with the Unitied Nations.   (The big rig is the German's couple RV)

Happy Hour with the Unitied Nations.   (The big rig is the German's couple RV)

Things to do in Tucson, AZ

Desert Museum

If you only do one activity,  we'd recommend the Desert Museum.  Very busy, even on the weekdays,  go early and stay cool.


Tucson Botanical Gardens

My wife enjoyed the Tucson Botanical Gardens.  Wife gives it 4.5 stars.  There is a sketchy Wal mart and and Fry's near buy.  I recommend eating at Frank's down the road.


Titan Missile Museum

30 minutes form the casino.  Worth the drive.


Mount Lemmon

For a nice drive.  The dutch say go for it.


Flandrau Planetarium

If you have a free pass, maybe check this out.  We didn't spent the money for the movies.  Frankly, I was a little uninspired by it.


Kitt Peak Observatory

Beautiful drive and awesome observatory for the nerds.   Recommended.


San Xavier Misson

Last but not least.  Check our our video for more info.  Please watch out for the speed bumps by the cemetry, they're murder!




Tips and Tricks for Tucson

  • Casino Del Sol lets you park fromOctober till April.  You don't need to check in.  Special events they will ask you to move.
  • For Free Dumping and Water.   Nice old ma and pa shop.  Make sure you try and buy a little something for your RV if you use their services.  It's about 25 minutes from the casino.  Otherwise, the big rigs use the local RV park and spend 5 bucks. http://azroadrunnerrv.com/
  • Laundry: https://tinyurl.com/hqdkxcv
  • Starbucks in casino smokey, no place to plug computer in.  Go to lobby and find floor plugs and a nice couch.
  • Moby's Surf restaurant in Casino is acceptable and reasonable priced.  Noisy.

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