Truck Camper, Are you Crazy!

Our followers ask us all the time why we chose the rig we did…… what I would say if we ran a popular blog site.  However, I would like to touch on the subject since so much research went into our decision.

Why we are hitting the road

I grew up in Minnesota.  People there don’t generally quit their jobs and venture out on the open road.  We have more in common with hobbits than rangers, elves or dwarfs.    I don’t know what they think about this crazy experiment back home, but here on the west coast, they don’t bat an eye.  The younger me would tend to agree with my fellow Minnesotan.  I would never have given up a years worth of income to go gallivanting around gods green earth with my family, all the while hemorrhaging money.  So why now?  


Foxy says "Buy a truck!"

Having a hell of a time finding the right camper truck.  For reasons i will soon list, I am looking for a 2004.5 to 2007 Dodge Ram 3500 diesel dually.  It has become painfully obvious it will be a difficult search to complete.  UPDATED!!!!!!

Tucson Summary

Tips and tricks from our 7 day stay in a casino parking lot.

This is filler

Handsome boy overlooking Black Canyon.