Truck Camper? Are You Crazy?

Our followers ask us all the time why we chose the rig we did…… what I would say if we ran a popular blog site.  However, I would like to touch on the subject since so much research went into our decision.
    Initially we planned on a class A.  Not just any class A, but a 1980’s PT Wanderlodge. I love em.  I still want one, but not today.   We decided to go a different route, a truck camper (TC).  Picking a RV/Camper/Overland vehicle is nothing but a set of compromises.  There is cost (both upfront and operational).  Size, which can increase comfort but increase fuel costs and decrease access to certain places and parks. The list goes on.
    We went the TC route for a few important reasons.  We are not sure how long this experiment can last so we are planning on driving more and boon docking less.  We also want to hit Alaska, this alone would cost 7k in diesel bills in a Wanderlodge.  Although the Wanderlodge we wanted could be purchased for less than 40k,  an inevitable overhaul on a Detroit Diesel 8v92 can run north of 20k.  But the main reason was to be able go places we would not be able to in a big class A.  State parks, forest roads, federal campsites, friends and families driveways to name a few.  Is it going to be tight and uncomfortable? No Doubt.  But I don’t think our main purpose on this rock is to be as comfortable as possible and I have been too comfortable for too long.  Truck camper it is.