Why Hit the Road?


     I grew up in Minnesota.  People there don’t generally quit their jobs and venture out on the open road.  We have more in common with hobbits than rangers, elves or dwarfs.    I don’t know what they think about this crazy experiment back home, but here on the west coast, they don’t bat an eye.  The younger me would tend to agree with my fellow Minnesotans.  I would never have given up a years worth of income to go gallivanting around gods green earth with my family, all the while hemorrhaging money.  So why now?  
    Working in the health field, I will admit, you get a statistical bias of all the bad things that can render you incapable of enjoying your time on this planet.  Cancer, stroke, blunt force trauma to name a few.  Drawing up a few possible scenarios of our current situation resulted in Plan A:  Work and save lots of money, spend time with my son between the hours of 4pm and 8pm each night, take a vacation once or twice a year, retire, grow old, and as Great Grampa Ray would say, “Die the richest man in the graveyard.”  Plan B:  Same as plan A but get some catastrophic diagnosis and leave the planet prematurely.  Or Plan C:  Assess financial situation, sell most of the crap, then spend a portion of our younger, healthier years traveling frugally with the family.  I realize that 95% of people choose/receive my overly simplified PlanA or B.   The contrarian in me says screw it,  try C.
    Before you jump to the conclusion that we are being completely reckless, there are a few things you should be aware of.  We have saved an “appropriate amount” of money for retirement.  We also have set aside a nice sum of money for juniors college fund.  We have a mortgage but no other debt. Road schooling is a topic for another day.
    So there you have it.  Long story short, it’s time for a semi-calculated mildly-risky adventure that I hope will bring my family some fond memories and teach us a thing or two.  We hope you follow along.