Smokey the Bear, Los Alamos, and The Very Large Array

After Roswell we drive through Las Alamos to dump tanks,  then head to see the birth place of Smokey the Bear in Capitan, NM.   After a quick walk through the free part of the visitors center we head to The Very Large Array.   A very cool stop.  It's also a poplar filming location which includes the Jodi Foster movie Contact, a Jon Bon Jovi video, and Terminator Salvation, to name a few.  Incidentally,  they assured us you can not sit on your car and listed for aliens with a set of headphones like Jodi Foster's character.  

We also meet up with Everlong Journey and do some free camping near the VLA.   Finally, I perform a "quick" coolant flush for the Cummins.

Next stop, Gila National Forest and Silver City!!!!!!!