For the Love of Hope

We found a great little town on our way to Seward. Hope,AK    Down by the water is a small RV park that is completely briming with RVs, tents ⛺️,  and vans on the weekend.  There is a great stream next door where many of the campers fish for Pinkies. Live music at the bar/restaurant and plenty of free tailgating most of the night.  Don't expect a quiet night, they don't need no stinking 11pm quiet rules   

We stayed two nights, ate out once.   Took plenty of walks down to the water, Saw a seal, eagle and about 12 unleashed dogs roaming the park.  Glad we stayed.    

  Next stop is a great little boon-docking spot on Upper Trail Lake, half way to Seward

Chugach National Forest Whale Center?

Chugach National Forest Whale Center?


Main St Hope,AK


Biked to a coffee ☕️ shop, love hippie baristas


Love this rig

Love this rig