Mega Mash Post

Here's a mash-up video of what we've been up to so far in Minnesota.  We've done some camping, went to my nephew's grad party, visited some old co-worker friends from our days in Duluth, MN.

Alaskan preparations continue..  Since we are planning on driving all the way to the Arctic Ocean, here is a partial list of things that have or will be done:

  • Aftermarket fuel filter (Dodge did not use the 2-micron Cummins recommendation)
  • Extra gas and diesel containers
  • Rear Differential cover. (Mag-tech) for greater oil capacity and easy draining
  • J-Brake .  (Alaska has huge grades and we are near max payload)
  • New bike rack (NV 2.0 Kuat)  easy on and easy off
  • Still need to figure out a spot for the third mountain bike.
  • Spare Belt, Radiator Hoses, Wheel Bearings, Injector Relay, 26 mm 12 point deep socket
  • Fresh Oil change
  • Garmin global Iridium satellite Device (call for help anywhere in world)
Lark Toys, Kellog, MN

Lark Toys, Kellog, MN

Mountain Biking on Sugar Loaf, Winona, MN

Mountain Biking on Sugar Loaf, Winona, MN