On the Move this Week

As we made our way to Las Cruces, we encounter some snow at 8k feet going over Emory Pass.    We stopped by Sparkies Restaurant in Hatch, NM for some of their famous food.   Hatch is known for,their peppers.     When we arrived in Las Cruces that night, it was crazy windy.    We just parked the white tartoga and huckered down for the night.    The next day was spent visiting the old Mexican town there and enjoying some local coffee.

The next day made our way to White Sands.  Their is a military base a few minutes from White Sand National Park that lets you camp for free.  Other than the awful smell of the pond, it was a great spot that allowed us to beat the crowds into the park the next morning.    

The next morning we packed up and headed to White Sands.   We had a wonderful time, we rented sleds and junior received another Jr Ranger Badge.   

We packed up that afternoon and headed to Lincoln National Forest.   After climbing to 8500 feet, we turned off the highway and found a free camping site in the woods.    Great location!   Next stop....Carlsbad City and rendezous with our Dutch friends