A layover in Phoenix and a Touch of Luxury

Thanks to my fancy pants big sister, we have been able to enjoy a few nights at the Arizona Grand Hotel.  She is here on business and not only invited us to stay, but took us out to lunch, provided us with several days of water park passes to boot!   We are staying in the parking lot, after we checked with the front desk to make sure it was ok.  In fact, I think if one wanted to, you could camp here without any connections and no one would be the wiser.

Currently I'm sitting under a cabana over looking a gorgeous golf golf while a fountain gently bubbles next to me, not to shabby.  I would like to mention that we would not been able to enjoy my sister's company or her generosity if we were still tied to our ball and chain of a life style back home.   It's all about trade offs.

Today's plans include trying to fix my broken phone, school work (essay on bobcats), water park, and moving La Tortuga Blanca (new name for the camper) to a more quiet location.