The aroma of Tacoma comes true, at least in our camper.   We started to notice a sulfur smell during morning showers.  Turns out filling up with non-chlorinated water from campsites can cause bacteria to start growing in the water heater and/or freshwater tank.  So here's a video with a quick run down of how i fixed it.

1.  1 1/4 cup of liquid bleach

2.  Mix with a galloon or so of fresh water.

3. Poor in freshwater4 tank

4. Run all taps hot and cold to get the treated water through all the pipes and water heater

5.  Let sit for at least 24 hours

6. Drain

7.  Refill with fresh potable water.

8 Run taps and hot water to flush remaining chlorine out of system.

Otherwise, we had a great time visiting family in Tacoma.  My sister took us down to the waterfront area for some coffee and people watching.   Next stop is Pasco, WA.  Hopefully our storage garage is not empty.