Spending my Days Being Very Inefficient

As we come closer to our departure day (January),  we are making a very slow mad rush to tie up all the lose ends and rent the house.   Since I hurt my leg, things are moving much slower for me.  Heavy lifting is out of the question.  What takes Mrs. LandMarks 5 minutes, takes me thirty.

Was able to install an aftermarket stereo in Roy yesterday.   It took most of the day and my energy, but it will be nice to have on our longer drives.  A whole cornucopia of supplies arrived from Amazon the other day.  Like most newbies, there is probably a great disparity between what we need and what we think we need.  I have to remind myself we are not traveling to Mars and supplies and equipment will be readily available if we truly need it. 

We still have a list of to dos:  Meet with lawyer for LLC, rent home, pack and store our remaining crap, sell the old old Dodge :(, load up camper, etc.......