Escaping Winter Washington

Well, we did our one month of work at the hospital to help fund this operation for a few more months. It’s now time to head towards warmer climates. We ran into some nasty accidents due to icy roads on the way. I shared a sweet spot for camping on our youtube channel.

We also meet up with my sister and her family in the Phoenix area for a few days. Our text major destination is Florida……….I think.

PS. The AC stopped working.

Christmas in Washington

After spending the month of December living and working at the hospital, we get a hotel room to spend the Christmas Holiday. Junior had some old friends over to go swimming, Santa swings by, and Mrs'.Landmarks cooked us a feast fit for a king. The weather was cold and snowy and the stay in the camper was less than pleasant. The hospital allows us to hook up our sewer and electricity for free which is nice.

December in Washington

It’s time to hunker down for some Washington weather! If any of you have ever RV’d in colder weather, you know it’s not the most comfortable of climates to spend time in. The moisture condenses on all the exterior walls and windows making it wet and mold prone. The furnace eats up propane and amp hours from your already cold battery bank.

We spend a day in Rufus Oregon before we make our way through some serious snow fall to an awesome little town we call “Christmas Town”. Leavenworth, is a great place to visit both in summer and in winter, so beautiful. There is a city lot that lets you park for free for one night, but we have pushed the limit several times without incident. The town is known for it’s X-mas festival/events and is filled with people from Seattle and all over WA during the month of December.

After Leavenworth. it’s time to be a regular working stiff to help fund this craziness.


After a crazy windy night off the 101 near Lincoln CIty, OR; we head north to Tillamook, OR. We spent one night at the very RV friendly Blue Heron Cheese and Wine shop. They now allow you to stay two nights for free. If you choose to stay here, try and patronize them and by all means, keep it clean and be respectful, we don’t want to lose this awesome and rare overnight location.


Charles Shultz Museum

We drive to Santa Rosa to learn about a fellow Minnesota named Charles Shultz.  We are quite the fans of the guy.  I have fond memories of watching his holiday specials while visiting relatives on the farm.  Never did get to try a Dollie Madison snack cake.  The fires were still smoldering as we drove through town.   Another fun stop was Yountville.  We parked behind the public library and no one bothered us. The town looked very nice and with lots of fancy restaurants and spas.

West of Death Valley

After surviving Death Valley, we are slowly making our way up through California.  We visit Uncle Joe for a day of professional frisbee golf lessons.  Our next stop is the Charles Shultz museum.


Death Valley......(SPOILER ALERT: We Survived)

We drive to the hottest and lowest place in North America.  Death Valley's Badwater Basin is the point of the lowest elevation in North America, at 282 feet (86 m) below sea level, while Furnace Creek in Death Valley, California, the hottest place in North America.  In case you're keeping count, we've been to the most Northern, Western, Southern, hottest and lowest places in NA. So we got that going for us.   There is an old abandoned RV park called Pad City which is a nice, free and creepy place to stay.  Had a great time driving through the park and learning about its history.  P.S. Bring water.  


Valley of Fire

Vegas was not as fun as I imagined in my head.   It's very loud,  kinda spendy, and it's a tad bit loud.  We enjoyed the pool and hot tub at the RV park and the Pinball Museum was a hoot as well.   But after three days, we were ready to head to quieter spots.   

Next stop was Valley of Fire.  This park had some great camping spots (ten bucks), a free dump with water (big plus), and great hiking (bring spf 5k).


Smokey the Bear, Los Alamos, and The Very Large Array

After Roswell we drive through Las Alamos to dump tanks,  then head to see the birth place of Smokey the Bear in Capitan, NM.   After a quick walk through the free part of the visitors center we head to The Very Large Array.   A very cool stop.  It's also a poplar filming location which includes the Jodi Foster movie Contact, a Jon Bon Jovi video, and Terminator Salvation, to name a few.  Incidentally,  they assured us you can not sit on your car and listed for aliens with a set of headphones like Jodi Foster's character.  

We also meet up with Everlong Journey and do some free camping near the VLA.   Finally, I perform a "quick" coolant flush for the Cummins.

Next stop, Gila National Forest and Silver City!!!!!!!


What a nice, crazy, vibe in Roswell.   We toured an amazing art museum, met some great people, and camped at a Sam's Club!  What could be better?

We're glad we stopped by.  We spent two nights in the town.  Lots of neat shops on the main drag.  Plenty of photo ops with aliens. We included some of our favorite works form the area.

Pegosa Springs, Colorado

We really liked this little town.  Had great parking on the main drag and no parking meters! (looking at you Durango).   There are good boondocking sites 30 minutes out of town, but due to the rain, we stayed at the restaurant at the edge of town.

Pegosa is known for the awesome hot springs.  You can pay some of the commercial sites for access or you can go down to the park and have a dip for free.  There is a good sized farmers market on the weekends, and a great big recreation park in town as well.  Good free dump stations near the Walmart and cheap laudry as well.   Two thumbs up!

Headed to the Springs

Headed to the Springs

Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Parked near the springs

Parked near the springs

Quick jog along the Rio Grande partner

Quick jog along the Rio Grande partner

Mesa Verde

We made is to  Mesa Verde.  The cliff dwellings were super cool (Mrs. Landmarks).  We had to camp overnight in the nearby Walmart.   Tried to do some boondocking but damn near got stuck in the mud.  After two nights in the Cortez area, we head to Durango.  Not much footage of Durango.  Boondocking is a bit tricky there.  Couple nights behind a grocery store and one night at a Home Depot.  The more touristy the town, the more RV savvy/anti-RV the locals become. 

Fancy coffee in Durango

Fancy coffee in Durango

Euro Travelers

Euro Travelers